Diabetes Clinic

Review and monitoring is offered for those patients who suffer from diabetes, both Insulin and non-insulin dependant. The clinic supports patients in the management of their condition together with advice on lifestyle, diet, weight and glucose testing.

Provides regular assessment to patients with Type 1, Type 2 both insulin & non-insulin dependent diabetes.

The clinic offers:

  •  A 6-monthly blood test: HBA1c 
  •  A yearly kidney/ liver function/ cholesterol/ full blood count
  • Monitor your blood pressure
  • Record your weight
  • A foot check of your pulses and sensation
  • Review your annual diabetic retinal screening
  • Discuss lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol and level of physical exercise
  • Offer dietary advice and refer you to a dietician if necessary
  • Liaise with specialist services, podiatry, diabetic specialist nurses and dieticians

For more information, please review the website below: