This surgery runs a triage system using Klinik© an AI web-based system; once you have completed the on-line form we aim for it to be reviewed by a duty clinician the same working day depending on the level of demand.

We aim to signpost all submissions and forward them to the most appropriate resource at the time of review. You will receive a phone call or appointment the same day if you are deemed to be an urgent case. In less urgent circumstances an appointment may be made for you up to 2 weeks in the future which will be a clinical decision. If it is felt appropriate you may get a text message directing you to the most appropriate help whether that be a Pharmacist or self-help advice. However, be assured, we will always provide you with the most appropriate help as quickly as we can.

When you join the surgery list you are not registered with a specific doctor. All the doctors are responsible for your care, but you can usually speak to a clinician of your choice. There are four doctors based at the surgery.

The clinicians work as a team and whenever possible we will try to ensure you speak to the clinician who knows you best when you contact us for advice or treatment. We have appreciated for some time that demand for our time is constantly increasing. Our analysis shows that 60-70% of problems for which face-to-face appointments used to be given can be dealt with on the phone, and by doing this we can free up time to see patients who do need to have a face-to-face consultation that same day.

To contact us you are advised to complete the online Klinik form via the website, NHS App or on the devices situated in the waiting room at the surgery which you can use free of charge. This will get your issue to a clinician in the quickest time. We also use Klinik to deal with all non-clinical issues such as updating your details, prescription queries or requests for letters and other non-NHS work. If none of these methods are an option for you then speak to a Health Care Coordinator on the telephone who will advise you.

Depending on the results of Klinik triage, you may be offered:

  • A face-to-face appointment with the most appropriate clinician which may be the same day.
  • Advice or a new prescription over the phone.
  • The clinician may arrange further tests before review.
  • An SMS may be sent signposting you to the most appropriate help.

If, after you have spoken to the clinician, you need an appointment this will be arranged there and then by the clinician.

Please let us know if you have difficulty using the phone (for example, due to poor hearing, not having a working phone, or language difficulties) and we will make special arrangements. If you cannot take a call at work, we will try to arrange to ring you when you have a break if you give us a time. We understand that you may not want to discuss personal things if you can be overheard, so let the clinician know immediately on answering that this is the case and you’ll be given time to get to a private place. Between 30 to 50 appointments are wasted each week when patients don’t turn up so please make sure that if you cannot attend, you let us know as soon as possible