Students at Friary House Surgery

Friary House is additionally a training practice so we host those qualified doctors that are training to become GPs.

Medical Students

Friary House Surgery has become a placement for year 2 medical students. By supporting their training you are helping the students become patient centred doctors for the future.

If you have any concerns about being seen by a student, please contact a member of staff.

This Healthcare Organisation is working together with the University of Plymouth, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry to host students (Medical, Dental and / or Physician Associate) to assist with their learning. You may be asked to talk to or be seen by a student either with the doctor or nurse or on their own. The student will introduce him or herself and ask to discuss your medical problem and examine you.

Students are supervised at all times by the placement supervisor and a health care professional, usually your doctor. Like qualified practitioners, the students guarantee your privacy and confidentiality. You may find helping students in their learning interesting and stimulating.

The students and the Faculty appreciate your contribution to the education of future doctors, dentists and physician associates. If you would like to make any comment or have further questions, please speak to a member of staff.

Do patients have to accept?

If at any stage you do not wish to be seen by the Medical, Dental or Physician Associate student you may decline the offer. You do not have to give a reason and your care will not be affected in any way.

Nurse Students

Friary House Surgery is supporting student nurses providing a placement for trainee nurses. Placements are a vital part of the Nurses workforce learning experience; hopefully we can help contribute to the development of the future nursing workforce in the South West.

Paramedic Students

At Friary House Surgery we have recently started supporting Paramedic Students from the University of Plymouth. All the Paramedic Students are currently in their third year studying for a BSc (Hons) Paramedic Practitioner degree. During their elective primary care placement with us in Friary House, they will work under direct supervision of the supervising registered health professional. The student paramedics are nearing graduation and are developing their clinical decision making skills and advanced assessment techniques. Over the course of their programme they have spent over 1000 hours in practice, and worked in a variety of settings to develop a well-rounded, competent student paramedic prior to their nearing professional registration.

The role of the paramedic is developing from the traditional ambulance setting to the more diverse settings within urgent care, because paramedics face a wide range of situations which require them to calmly and competently identify, communicate and administer emergency care and social care in order to promote health and save lives. It is crucial we support paramedic students at Friary House. Having them in surgery gives them an essential insight into how a GP practice works. Observing other practitioners helps them to develop good consultation, examination, assessment, history taking skills and highlights how we can all work together to provide outstanding patient care.